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The idea of carrying a hot spring with you

The efficacy of hot springs to heal various illnesses has long been noted around the world, and in Japan, hot springs have been popular as hot spring cures.

Le Furo paid attention to its efficacy, and after many years of trial and error, developed a "Craft Onsen" so that you can enjoy hot spring cure at home.

Craft Onsen is a portable product that concentrates hot springs from all over Japan using unique technology.

Please enjoy hot spring cure at home by not only soaking but also by drinking and bathing.

HiTO - 浸かるクラフト温泉



  • High international standard quality

    Craft hot springs, which give the value of “movement” and “storage” to hot springs, are attracting attention, such as “Space Hot Springs” being adopted for JAXA’s International Space Station co-creation project.

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  • Hot topic in the media

    A craft hot spring product born from Le Furo, a hot spring facility frequented by many celebrities. It became a hot topic that it sold out quickly because it is difficult to mass-produce and the number is limited.

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  • [Limited Quantity] Craft Onsen®️

    Craft Onsen is the world's first concentration reduction hot spring.

    A patented technology that extracts only the hot spring ingredients by carefully blending natural hot springs and minerals containing hot spring ingredients, it is also called hot spring espresso. A hot spring craftsman who knows the characteristics of hot springs in various places drips one by one and carefully creates a hot spring concentrate rich in ingredients.

    *Due to the large number of orders, some items may take longer to be delivered.
    If you are in a hurry, please contact Toji Customer Support (hello@to-ji.jp).

  • LeFuro is looking for sources nationwide.
    Onsen craftsmen carefully refine the hot springs entrusted to us by everyone, and sell concentrated hot springs after purifying them. It is also possible to sell at your company.

    Please contact info@le-furo.com for more information.