【Le Furo西麻布店限定】初回トライアル体験チケットの販売を再開致しました!2019年1月4日〜2月15日のご予約

[Limited to Le Furo Nishi-Azabu] We have resumed the sale of first-time trial tickets! Reservation from January 4, 2019 to February 15, 2019

Hello, this is Toji Store.

Regarding the first trial experience ticket,
a large number of customers purchased it and it was sold out, but
From today, [Le Furo Nishiazabu limited] trial ticket sales will resume. Let's eat.

Please take this opportunity to experience the mineral mist bath of Leflo.


Advance reservation is required.
Tickets will not be shipped. After purchasing at the web store, please call the Nishi-Azabu store to make a reservation.

・Please tell us the [order number] issued at the time of purchase when making a reservation.
・Please make a reservation at Leflo Nishi-Azabu within one week.
・Please make a reservation between January 4, 2019 and February 15, 2019.
・Can only be used once per person.

What is TŌJI?

Tōji (hot spring cure) has been handed down since ancient times in Japan. "TŌJI" was born inspired by the culture of "Toji", a therapy that restores the body by staying for a long time in a hot spring with excellent spring quality, bathing and drinking.

Using internationally patented technology, we have succeeded in extracting over 30 types of high-quality minerals from rare geological formations and turning them into mist. Whether you are in the city or at home, you can drink, bathe, and bathe anywhere and anytime. It is possible to naturally incorporate it as a daily habit. For people who want to spend their days healthier and more beautiful.

 A wellness brand that proposes a new "TŌJI" style that suits our busy lives.

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