About 2/3 of the basal metabolism is concentrated in the internal organs → Reflo TOJI moves the internal organs

The important keyword in dieting is basal metabolism . 


First, take a look at this breakdown of basal metabolic rate graph. In fact, the internal organs including the brain occupy about 2/3 of the basal metabolism. Muscle is only 18%, so even if you keep going to the gym, it's hard to lose weight. Rufuro hot spring focused on the breakdown of this basal metabolism.














This figure is Average calorie consumption from exercise. This refloh is a calculation for a mist bath in a facility, but the mechanism is the same as a bath at home, and by efficiently delivering minerals to cells and increasing basal metabolism, visceral fat is burned as energy. As a result, you can expect to increase your basal metabolism and increase your calorie consumption.


Features of Ruflo hot spring cure: Driving force of metabolism UP, overwhelming absorption rate of minerals!


ミネラル吸収率Not only is the amount of minerals small, but they are also nutrients with extremely low absorption rates. I'm here. Leflo hot spring has succeeded in dramatically increasing the absorption rate with shale hot spring technology™️. Let's take bath liquid, drink, mist bath and various ways to take good minerals and turn visceral fat into energy!










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