[TOJI Regular Service] Use TOJI in your daily life

What is TOJI Regular Service?

TOJI Regular Delivery is a service that delivers our products regularly so that you can comfortably continue your TOJI life.

TOJI regular shipping costs 660 yen, but is always free!
From the first to the third shipment, you will receive a 5% discount.

Compared to single item purchase,
up to 1,385 yen savings up to the third shipment.
From the 4th time onwards, maximum 2,110 yensave.

You can cancel or take a break at any time. Of course, no phone calls are required. To purchase TOJI regular service [ → Click here ]

TOJI Regular Service How To

・How to purchase a TOJI regular service...
 [→click here]

・To cancel the next order for the TOJI regular service...
 [→click here]

・To change the next delivery date for TOJI regular mail...
 [→click here]

・To cancel the TOJI regular service...

If you have any questions, please contact Toji Customer Support.
Toji Customer Support