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Concentrated authentic source and delivered to your home
The world's first hot spring concentrate made by blending hot spring minerals matured in the earth of Japan with the finest natural hot springs and carefully dripping them

An extremely pure Onsen water,
carefully dripped with mineral ore nurtured in the land of Japan.

Soak x hot spring

Soak x Onsen

Craft OnsenThe world's first ultra-concentrated hot spring that extracts hot spring ingredients from ore.
Even if you use lukewarm water, it will warm you to the core.
"Craft Onsen," is an ultra-dense hot springs
made by extracting mineral ingredients from ores will warm you to the core.

① Shale hot springs
Regular service: 9,500 yen per month (30% points awarded during August)

② Gensen series HiTO
Regular service: 11400 yen per month (30% points awarded during August)

Premium hot springs using hot spring sources from all over Japan
You can enjoy hot springs nationwide on a monthly basis
Due to limited quantity, sales will end when sold out
If you become a regular member, you can make a priority reservation
Premium Onsen using all over Japan.
Sales will end soon once sold out due to limited quantities.
Subscriptions are available for priority booking.

Drink × Onsen
Drink Onsen

Drinking hot spring minerals
Regular service: 4500 every month (30% points awarded during August)

The world's highest purity multi-mineral hot springs
The taste changes depending on the day's physical condition
It is easy to manage your physical condition.

Delivered to your home every month
Onsen is the highest purity multi-mineral.
Excellent absorption rate that changes in taste depending on
your condition.
Delivered monthly to your home.

Bathing × Onsen
Mist Onsen

Air supplement
Regular service: 6900 yen per month (Body + exclusive hot spring included)

The latest method to take a hot spring steam bath with your clothes on
Can be cordless anywhere

The latest method of getting into the spa with your clothes on.
You can enjoy a steam bath anytime and anywhere because it is cordless .