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Le Furo TŌJI HOME Craft Onsen Diffuser [Conditions for 6 monthly subscriptions]

Le Furo TŌJI HOME Craft Onsen Diffuser [Conditions for 6 monthly subscriptions]

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A new custom of bathing in hot springs.
World's first hot spring diffuser air supplement


Using the latest technology to turn hot springs into mist


Feature 1 Biou Onsen Craft Onsen

Uses a patented ultra-concentrated hot spring that extracts only hot spring ingredients from hot spring ore.

Feature 2 Excellent absorbency! Ultra fine particle mist hot spring

By bathing in hot springs with steam, the penetration of minerals is increased by about 40% compared to bathing



Product feature 3 New coronavirus inactivation data by hot spring

Detailed experimental datahere
Since ancient times in Japan, hot springs have been said to be effective for wounds and skin diseases. We have succeeded in commercialization by applying the bactericidal action of this hot spring.

Inactivation of novel coronavirus

Sterilization experiment for general viable bacteria

*In the first month, it will be a set of a craft hot spring diffuser and a special craft hot spring.
From the next month onwards, only the exclusive craft hot springs will be delivered.
*This is for personal use only, so if you are considering corporate use, please contact us here.
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・How to care?
The special craft hot spring contains strong hot spring ingredients, so to prevent corrosion, gently wipe the vibrator circled in red with a cotton swab or soft tissue after use and dry it.

・Can it be used in the bathroom?
Cannot be used because it is not waterproof.

・Can I add aroma oil?
Do not use anything other than the special craft hot spring, as it may cause malfunction.

・How should I care for it?
After use, wash the tank with water and empty it before storing. Please use up the craft hot spring in the tank within the day and throw away the remaining one without returning it to the bottle.

・How much space does it support?
Since it is basically designed for personal use, we recommend that you place it near you and use it within the range where the mist can reach.

・How much do you recommend to use per day?
Not decided. Please use it according to your lifestyle such as meals, bath time, in the car or at bedtime according to the scene. It will be about 110ml usage in a maximum of 1 hour. When using for a long time, please be careful of empty heating.

・What is inside the exclusive craft hot spring?
It is rich in minerals (sodium, zinc, potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, vanadium, etc.), which are the active ingredients of hot springs. 

・What is the expiry date for the exclusive craft hot spring ?
Store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight, and use within 1 month after shipping.

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