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[Limited Quantity] Craft Hot Spring Bath Liquid Secluded Hot Spring Special Set

[Limited Quantity] Craft Hot Spring Bath Liquid Secluded Hot Spring Special Set

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A secret hot spring series is born in the "Craft Onsen" that is synonymous with Leflo. It is now possible to enjoy a full-fledged hot spring at home by enhancing and concentrating ingredients using famous hot springs from all over the country.

This product is a 50ml 7 source set.

Other hot spring sources (the hot spring sources are subject to change)
Yunoyama Onsen (Mie), Yunokawa Onsen (Hokkaido), Beppu Onsen (Oita), Ito Hot springs (Shizuoka), Ashinomaki hot springs (Fukushima), Shima hot springs (Gunma), Shiobara hot springs (Tochigi)

Hot springs are the ultimate "mineral soup" created by slowly dripping rainwater and underground water into mineral-rich soil over tens of thousands of years, just like coffee.

The HiTO series of craft hot springs is a hot spring concentrate rich in ingredients that is carefully dripped one by one by hot spring craftsmen who know the characteristics of hot springs in various places at our "Craft Hot Spring Studio". is making Please experience the difference in taste of each source at home.


Body heats up and raises body temperature

39℃-40℃. This is the temperature Le Furo recommends for bathing. This is the temperature range where the autonomic nerves are most relaxed, but the hot spring ingredients work well, so even this temperature is enough to warm the body.
Craft hot springs absorb minerals into the body, deliver nutrients to the internal organs, and use muscle and fat as an energy source to increase your basal metabolism. The goal of Lifestyle TOJI is to promote "self-heating" , which generates heat within the body using minerals.

Product name / Craft Onsen HiTO Secluded Hot Spring Set
Contents / 50ml 7 bottles
Main ingredients (content varies by source) / calcium, magnesium, potassium , Phosphorus, Selenium, Silicon, Germanium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum, Lithium, Vanadium, Tungsten, Barium, Titanium, Aluminum, Chromium, Sulfur, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I use the leftover water after bathing to wash my clothes?
A. We do not recommend washing with leftover water.
Q.When I used the craft hot spring , there was an orange stain on the bathtub. What should I do?
A.Craft hot springs contain a lot of natural minerals such as iron and sulfur. Easier to adhere.
In particular, when the body warms up, metabolism improves, which makes it easier for a large amount of waste products and sebum to adhere.  Please drain the water as soon as possible after bathing and wash the bathtub without waiting.
It can be easily removed by lightly rubbing with a melamine sponge, but please be aware that rubbing too hard may cause the bathtub to wear out. Please use it according to your bathtub.

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