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Craft Onsen Hand Spray Hiba Fragrance

Craft Onsen Hand Spray Hiba Fragrance

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Hot spring hand spray! ?
Confirmed that the new coronavirus is inactivated by craft hot springs

Alcohol, third option to replace hypochlorous acid

Craft Onsen Hand Spray is made only with Kraft Onsen and Hiba essential oil.
No alcohol or hypochlorous acid is used, and only natural ingredients are used to minimize skin irritation.

New coronavirus inactivation data from craft hot springs

In Japan, since ancient times, hot springs have been said to be effective for wounds and skin diseases. We have succeeded in commercialization by applying the bactericidal action of this hot spring.

You can check the details of the experiment conditions and result data from the link below.

>> New coronavirus inactivation verification experiment

Inactivation of novel coronavirus

Sterilization experiment for general viable bacteria


・How to use?
It can be used as a hand sanitizer instead of alcohol or hypochlorous acid.

・Can it be used for tables?
It can also be used for tables and personal items.
*Cannot be used for items that do not absorb moisture, such as home appliances.

・Are there other scents other than cypress?
We also have scents other than Hiba. Please consider other ARAU series.

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