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[Limited time offer] Craft hot spring drink 350ml (non-carbonated) 20 bottles set

[Limited time offer] Craft hot spring drink 350ml (non-carbonated) 20 bottles set

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"Pursuing all conditions, all diseases, and all maladies leads to mineral deficiency" by Dr. Pauling (Nobel Prize-winning chemist


The habit of drinking hot springs, which is a hot topic in the media

It is important to take minerals in "multi" mode

There are about 30 kinds of minerals that are essential for humans, and lack of them is said to cause lifestyle-related diseases. This is why we are particular about the types of minerals.

Minerals function by solubilizing

The principle is the same as when swallowing a nail, it is not absorbed by the body.
Water-solubilized mineral supplements are highly absorbable and efficient.

Column: “Taste” minerals

Because of the rich mineral content and high absorption rate of water made from craft hot springs, you can feel the taste of minerals that are lacking in the taste buds that sense the taste of your tongue the moment you drink it.

Interestingly, the taste of various minerals, which you can never taste in normal water, changes depending on the person's physical condition and lifestyle on the day. >

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  • Product name / Le Furo SAYU Water

  • Contents / 350ml (non-carbonated) 20 bottles set

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